Sweaty Mama

Sweaty Mama is a unique but effective way to get an effective workout done whilst also spending time with your child. Specifically designed to aid recovery post-natally and support rebuilding fitness gradually or even introducing fitness for the first time. Focused around low impact options and rebuilding core strength tuned out during pregnancy, but also allowing for the workout to gradually be increased as we build our fitness up. We even use our little one’s weight to make the most out of our exercise and intensify the workout to give us enhanced results. No need to plan or find childcare, your child is happy with you and you are happy to have them take your mind off the “burn” that Sweaty Mama brings. Whether from a mere 6 weeks old where baby wants to be held close or snuggled into mama in a carrier or sling, a 4-year-old marching away and squatting with you side by side, Sweaty Mama is a fabulous way to bond with your little one whilst having a proper workout and most importantly all whilst having fun too! 

Classes every Tuesday at The Wash House at 1pm-2pm. 

We book our classes in 6 week blocks for £35.  We don’t run terms you can start at any time.

Contact:  Emma Summers; Email: emmasummers@sweatymama.com; Tel: 07540 789 836

Website: https://www.edinburghnorth.sweatymama.com/book-on-a-class  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweatymamaedinburghnorth